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Shoulder To Shoulder

1914: War is declared, and women still do not have the vote.

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April 2024
Black Friday - 18 November 1910. A violent struggle in Parliament Square between suffragettes and police. But why don't the police arrest the suffragettes?
The campaign grows. Suffragettes destroy property, and Emily Wilding Davison becomes a martyr to the cause.
1908: Constance Lytton: daughter of the Viceroy of India, she came from one of the leading families in the land. Almost any door was open for her.
1898: Dr and Mrs Pankhurst and their four children are living comfortably in Manchester. However, in that year an event occurs which will radically change all their lives.
1904: Annie Kenney - a mill worker since the age of ten. What has Women's Suffrage to offer her?
Siân Phillips is joined by directors Moira Armstrong and Waris Hussein to look back on the 1974 drama series that told the story of the birth of the women’s suffrage movement.