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Sci-fi adventure where four teams compete in a mysterious alien contest to save the world.

Trapped on the spaceship, Dragonfly must decide whether to stay or fight, as the prospect of a life off-world looms closer. Back on Earth, some important people have questions.
The shape-shifting alien has escaped and is posing as someone at the facility - but who?
A call for help from some old acquaintances sees Dragonfly reunited.
With Louis in a bad way, and his condition worsening, Meg blames herself. However, Kaz manages to buy them a little time and looks to Dragonfly’s past for a way to save him.
Allegiances are tested for Dragonfly when a new player joins the game, while the third challenge reveals the last of the artefacts’ locations and something lurking in the shadows.
With the news from the previous night still on everyone’s minds, an unexpected visitor shows up at the facility. While in the camp, Meg and Kaz find they are stronger together.
Certain that Greenfront are hiding something, Louis, Glen, Monika and Isabel stay up to see what happens after 1am. With everyone else asleep, the truth finally reveals itself.
With the second challenge seemingly impossible, it is left to Louis to find a solution. Meanwhile, frustration grows for Meg as Jay and Kaz find an unlikely distraction in each other.
Back in the city, Bea McConnell makes contact with one of the losers of the first challenge. With Alice and Finn, they go in search of Bea's missing friends.
As Glen joins Monika and Isabel to rig a TV and scan for news, Jay, Kaz and Louis get a nasty shock when they explore the spaceship. However, Louis finds a clue to the aliens’ identity.
Feeling that they are in danger, Emma shares her night-time discovery with Maeve. Dragonfly know their friendship is at stake as they ally with Landslide and take on the first challenge.
Dragonfly discover a way into their rival’s alternative environment and learn more about how the alien game works. Meanwhile, Emma begins to suspect that Greenfront can’t be trusted.
Louis, Meg, Glen and Kaz discover they are one of four groups, each with their own alien artefact and part of a game to save the world.
Bea must deal with the past and her family head-on, while Louis asks the Artefact for help and finally gets an answer to the mystery that brought him to the camp.
As Bea and the others find some fun distractions in their new environment, Kaz searches for a way out. However, something is very wrong in this world.
While Dragonfly and Bea try to make sense of their predicament, Finn and Alice help Meg avoid some unwanted attention from outside the camp.
With things becoming increasingly stranger and the camp under attack, Dragonfly must face some personal demons to save themselves and their friends.
Feeling the pressure to find their missing friend, Kaz tasks Louis with getting Meg back. Meanwhile, something monstrous is lurking in the woods.
After discovering what he thinks is a portal, Louis must convince the rest of Dragonfly to cross over with him to see what’s on the other side. However, Meg has other plans.