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The first episode of the new series features a woman who's had alopecia for over 20 years.

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Series 6
Dr Emma McMullen tackles a very visible cyst on patient Steve's face.
Series 5
Dr Toby is spellbound by his patient, Gideon, Preston's part-time witch.
Dr Toby Nelson treats one of the largest lipomas the clinic has ever seen.
Dr Dev Shah attempts to 'shell out' a giant lipoma.
Series 2
A team of top dermatologists treat various conditions.
Series 1
Dr Emma confronts the biggest lipoma she has seen in months.
Things get messy when Dr Adil tackles a large head cyst.
Top dermatologists help members of the public with a range of skin conditions.
Series 4
Dr Natalia Spierings encounters a condition concerning lumps made of nerves.
19-year-old Abby hopes Dr Natalia Spierings can rid her of ear lumps.
Dr Toby Nelson checks a patient's back and finds a pre-cancerous mole.
Dr Dev Shah struggles to treat a football fan with a ball of fat below his ribcage.
Dr Emma McMullen can't believe her eyes when she operates on a strange pectoral lipoma.
In this sporty episode, a boxing coach has a lipoma that looks like an out-of-place ab.
A butcher from Somerset brings a meaty lipoma on his neck for Dr Dev Shah.
Dr Dev Shah faces an eyeball-sized cyst on a patient's cheek.
Misbehaving lumps - from the biggest to the smallest - the dermatologists have treated.
And a patient's mole makes it hard for her to brush her hair without pain.
Dr Toby Nelson faces the prospect of removing a lipoma underneath a patient's tattoo.