Speed with Guy Martin


Series 1 Episode 3: Human Powered Aircraft

4.0 14 x
Guy Martin is on a seemingly impossible mission: to fly using muscle power alone. Guy wants to build the world's fastest human-powered aircraft, which he will cycle into the air. (S1 Ep3/4)
Episodes 2018

World's Fastest Motorbike

4.0 28 x
The inside story of Guy's attempt to break the motorcycle land speed record: his fastest and most dangerous speed challenge to date. Can he become the first man to do 400mph on a motorcycle?
Episodes 2017

Series 3 Episode 3: World's Fastest Human-Powered Boat

3.0 10 x
Guy attempts to beat the speed record for a human-powered boat, with help from Olympic legends Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Ben Ainslie

Series 3 Episode 2: Pedal-Powered Airship

3.0 8 x
Guy attempts to become the first person to cross the English Channel in a human-powered airship, pedalling a bike suspended from a helium-filled balloon as big as a bus

Series 3 Episode 1 Transit Van

3.0 21 x
Guy takes his battered transit van to the USA to enter the fastest road race on the planet: the Nevada Open Road Challenge
Episodes 2016

April 10, 2016

Expired 3.0 31 x
Guy Martin and his Tyco BMW Superbike take on David Coulthard and a Red Bull RB8 Formula 1 car in a series of head-to-head challenges, and explore the science behind their incredible racing machines

Gravity Racer

3.0 26 x
Guy attempts to build and race the world's fastest soapbox racer, creating a unique design with help from expert designers, and training with the Team GB women's bobsled pair

World's Fastest Toboggan

3.0 12 x
Motorbike racer and mechanic Guy Martin sets out to break the record for the world's fastest gravity powered sled, plummeting down the new Pista Riberal speed ski slope in the Pyrenees


3.0 10 x
Speed junkie Guy Martin tries to break the world speed record for a hovercraft. But hovercrafts are notoriously unstable at speed, and Guy's out of his comfort zone on water...

Pike's Peak

3.0 16 x
Guy visits the USA, where he hopes to win at one of America's oldest races: the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb