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Spidey And His Amazing Friends

Team Spidey gets trapped in Sandman's giant sand maze, and they swing into action to bring back the fun after Electro supercharges the amusement park.

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June 2024
Series 2: Can't Stop Dancing!/The Ant Thief... of Spidey And His Amazing Friends was added on Saturday 15 June 2024. Spidey And His Amazing Friends is a TV show on CBeeBies. Spidey, Spin and Ghost-Spider team up with other superheroes to fight evil foes.
Hulk becomes a baby, and it's Ghosty’s birthday surprise.
Doc Ock disturbs the ocean. Ghosty saves minigolf.
Bootsie goes missing. Electro invades Tony's place.
The gang confront dinosaurs in New York. Team Spidey outsmart Electro.
May 2024
A lighthouse is pesky. Sandman builds sandcastles.
Electro causes a blackout, and Black Cat is off on an adventure.
Villains take Lockjaw, a teleporting puppy. Zola traps Spidey and Ghosty.
Bootsie foils Sandman's theft of Egyptian artefacts. Team Spidey saves Halloween.
The heroes face a volcanic eruption. Gobby steals all the bees.
Rhino and Green Goblin plot to ruin a rollerskating race. Black Cat and Doc Ock team up.
Gobby goes invisible to cause trouble in the city. Doc Ock builds a mechanical whale.
When Zola takes over WEB-Quarters. Team Spidey go to the moon.
April 2024
Team Spidey must stop Black Cat from stealing stuffed animals. Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! The team works together to rescue Hulk's pet Buns Buns after Doc Ock multiplies her.
The villains team up to take out the heroes and their superpowered vehicles. Spidey loses a web-shooter.
Doc Ock takes over Stark Tower. Hulk tries to stop Sandman using art.
Gwen teams up with her dad to save the forest from Doc Ock. Peter accidentally grows his pet ant to the size of a dog.
Doc Ock hurts CAL’s feelings. Gobby steals Miles and Spidey's powers and accidentally puts them in Bootsie.
Team Spidey and Black Cat join forces to stop Doc Ock from destroying the precious Maltese Kitten. Miles and Black Panther's special day is nearly spoiled by Electro.