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Though Victor’s intel proves useful, the police and CIA are left scrambling when a second target emerges. Amid the chaos, Victor and Frank make a last-ditch effort for America.

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Series 1
After learning of Ileana’s interrogation back home, Victor demands the Americans get a message to her and leverages Ingrid’s intel about an imminent bomb attack in Bonn.
As Nicolae fumes over reports of a defection, Frank moves Victor under the protection of the US embassy. Later, Mircea and Carmen attempt to cast doubts on Victor’s true motivations.
Holed up in a safe house, Victor nervously waits for Frank as news of a missing diplomat quickly spreads. Meanwhile, Frank tries to force the CIA’s hand.
Armed with damning evidence, Mircea outs Victor to Nicolae and Elena. Later, Victor gets troubling information from his old flame Ingrid.
Victor finds himself in grave danger amid Ceaușescu’s growing paranoia – and news that his nemesis, Mircea, is closing in on his secret.