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Storage Hunters UK

More dust-ups over lock-ups in the hit reality show. Auctioneer Sean Kelly has seen it all before, but even he's driven mad by Heavy D. Linda shows her spiritual side.

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Series 5
Britain's answer to the riotous reality series in which storage lots go up for grabs. New bidder Raj proves to be more than a match for the regulars in Buckinghamshire.
All-out auction warfare in the wheeler-dealer reality series. There are lots of lots up for grabs in Preston, including something literally off the back of a truck.
Sean Kelly keeps order in the volatile reality series that sees rival auction experts battle for unseen storage units. A double car lot is up for grabs in Broadstairs.
'Lots' of fraught auction antics in the riotous reality series. Heavy D risks having his fingers burned. New boys Glyn and James rub the old guard up the wrong way.
Savvy bargain hunters vie for the cost-effective clutter in-cider number of storage lots in Somerset. The gang compete for a Velcro bouncy castle and an airboat.
Series 4
The fiercely fought auction show that provides 'lots' of entertainment. Ione loses her rag with Linda. Heavy D and Sam team up to combine their clout and cash.
The smash-hit show where bargain hunters tussle for storage lots like it was Black Friday. Linda is sure one of the units contains something out of this world.
'Lots' to play for in the auction-packed reality show. Heavy D and Sam team up, while Charlotte and Shaun have a father-daughter tiff of nuclear proportions.
It's off to sunny Scunny for the nomadic bargain hunters who tussle for storage lots. Barry and Darren try strong-arm tactics. Linda goes gaga over one auction.
Viewers of a sensitive disposition beware - one of today's lots has the bidders gagging! And why is Heavy D dressed as a ninja? The classic auction antics continue.
Auction anarchy in Wales, where the bidders hope to get rich quick by bagging valuable storage lots. It's cloak-and-dagger stuff as spying equipment is on offer.
Series 5
Auction anarchy in the UK. Heavy D is doing what he does best and driving the others mad. Nat, Linda, Boudicca and Ione may have to team up to beat the Boominator!
Sean Kelly starts the bidding in the uber-popular reality series. A new duo are in town and they aren't afraid to throw their weight around. Sam and Ione clash again.
More auction anarchy as the gang try to find some Dele Alli-style bargains in Milton Keynes. Some portable toilets are up for grabs, but who is feeling flush?
Another shipment heads to British shores in the transatlantic reality show. There's all-out conflict when enough weapons to start and finish a war go up for auction.
Series 4
The cut-throat auction show that's 'lots' of fun. Things escalate between Nat and Boudicca. There are explosive consequences when Scotty fails to read a warning sign!
The crowd-pulling reality series crosses the Atlantic and puts on a British accent. Heavy D gets more than he bargained for, while Nat and John feel cheated.
Series 3
Storage bin scuffles with that cor blimey guv'nor of auctions, 'septic tank' Sean Kelly. In London, Heavy D goes through his blue period after driving the bidders mad.
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Series 1, Episode 3 - Bentwaters

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Fierce bidding wars abound as the hit reality show crosses the Atlantic. The contents of some old army bunkers could mean a big windfall. A vintage box rouses Rupert.