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As a new government gets to work, we look at the faith and ethics issues facing the next parliament. We’ll also debate whether our protest rules are too strict.

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Series 15
With hosts Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton. As warnings are issued that jails are near capacity, we ask: Is it time to find an alternative to prisons?
Should we be worried that AI will steal jobs? Plus, should those with a criminal record for breaking Covid rules have the slate wiped clean? And, tips for going green this festival season.
Two 12-year-old boys have been found guilty of a machete murder in a case that has shocked the nation. Should children who murder be treated differently from adult killers?
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton ask if the rich have a moral duty to help fix the climate crisis. Also, is it time to get tough on junk food?
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton explore the role of young people in national life. Plus whether modern life has created a loneliness epidemic.
Series 14
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton ask whether Britain should be more welcoming to asylum seekers and whether diversity schemes have been a failure.
With the announcement of plans that would see some ‘low-level offenders’ released early from prison to reduce overcrowding, should fewer people should be sent to prison?
Should the Church of England do more to make up for its role in the slave trade? Plus, a discussion on whether toxic masculinity needs to be taught in the classroom.
After Labour and the Conservatives both accused each other of pandering to extremists, we ask whether extremism has been allowed to grip British politics.
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton ask if current abortion laws are fit for purpose, debate whether smartphones should be banned for under 16s and meet a record-breaking juggler .
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton lead discussions on whether proposed conversion therapy laws could impact religious freedom, and whether we're all getting angrier.
A petition to hold a parliamentary vote on assisted dying has passed 100,000 signatures. Sunday Morning Live asks - is the time now right to legalise assisted dying?
Some bishops in the Lords have raised their concerns over the Rwanda Bill's morality. Sunday Morning Live asks - does the Church have a moral role to play in politics?
Topical magazine show that gets to the heart and soul of issues of the day, hosted by Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton.
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton discuss how worried young people should be about climate change, whether it’s time for a wealth tax and meet the holder of more than 20 fitness-related world records.
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton explore how those affected by the Post Office scandal can move on, and ask: Can you have forgiveness without full accountability?
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton ask what role the monarchy should play in modern Britain, and comedian Dom Joly talks about his new obsession with conspiracy theories.
Holly Hamilton and Adrian Chiles ask if it is time for Britain to pay slavery reparations and whether drug use should be decriminalised.
Sean Fletcher and Holly Hamilton present the show that puts the heart and soul into Sundays. They ask: Are parents responsible for the crimes of their children?