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Broccoli is horrified when someone paints moustaches on photographs of her friends!

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Series 2
Supertato’s Tato belt gets locked inside a glass case for an exhibition, but Tomato can’t remember the code to get it out again, and Supertato needs it back to defeat Evil Pea.
Evil Pea asks for flying lessons when Broccoli flies her paper plane into her freezer. Evil Pea doesn’t let Broccoli know that she intends to fly high to take over Tato Tower.
Series 1
Evil Pea takes all the books from the supermarket. Supertato, Chilli and Carrot try to rescue them by using acrobatic skills that they learnt from their favourite circus book.
The Cobs try to capture Supertato while Evil Pea is on holiday, but it goes wrong resulting in Evil Pea getting covered in flour and custard over in the bath products aisle.
Series 2
Chilli is determined to make it to the top of Cereal Mountain without the help of Supertato and his gadgets. Evil Pea tries to get there first by cheating.
Series 1
Prickly Pear arrives in the supermarket and tries to take over Evil Pea’s freezer. Supertato discovers that Prickly Pear isn’t mean at all and just needs some good friends.
Evil Pea plunges Broccoli and Carrot into the doughnut toppings simultaneously, and Supertato almost quits being a superhero when he can’t save his two friends at the same time.
Series 2
Carrot is determined to save Supertato from Evil Pea’s trap without help from Prickly Pear
Series 2, Episode 17 - Pea Repeats of the TV-show Supertato was broadcast by CBBC on Friday 17 May 2024 at 13:10.
Evil Pea pretends to help Supertato and Carrot train for crime prevention, but she tricks them and steals a mobile phone. Supertato and Carrot have a clever plan to get it back.
The Cobs have finally had enough of Evil Pea’s ungratefulness and team up with Supertato.
Supertato is out chasing a milkshake robot and leaves Broccoli in charge of Tato Tower. Evil Pea tries to take over the tower, but Broccoli puts on a great defence.
Supertato, Carrot and Tomato are exploring in the plant aisle when they hear a strange noise. They follow the noise and meet the famous Kiwi the Explorer, who needs their help.
Evil Pea is tricked by lots of Supertatoes who appear all over the supermarket.
Supertato, Carrot, Broccoli and Chilli are playing when, suddenly, they hear a scream and discover an upset Evil Pea in her freezer. Her throne has been stolen! Who would do such a thing?
Supertato shows the Grape Kids how to camp Supertato-style, but Evil Pea arrives and wows them with her ice camping. Before long, the Grape Kids need to be rescued by Supertato.
Series 1
Banana Superstar’s show is stopped when Evil Pea steals his peel. Supertato races against him to get it back, but trouble hits when a giant banana statue collapses onto the stage.
Series 2
Carrot wants to become superstrong, so she restores Evil Pea’s robot suit for herself.
Supertato shows the Grape Kids a Supertato training film, but Evil Pea sneaks in to take over Tato Tower. The Grape Kids use the rug launcher to eject Evil Pea out of the tower.