October 2019

Series 6: 16. Silent Disco

4.0 0 x
Captain HeyHo likes her peace and quiet. Unfortunately for her, Cook and Line have found an old boombox, which is very loud and still working perfectly!

Series 6: 15. Don't Make Me Laugh

3.0 0 x
Captain HeyHo has got the blues, but Cook and Line are determined to cheer her up. In order to put a smile back on her face, they set up their very own comedy club.

Series 6: 14. Camouflage

4.0 1 x
Captain HeyHo suggests Cook and Line use camouflage to beat the Swashbucklers. However, they do it so well that even the captain cannot see them, and things start to get messy.

Series 6: 13. Slime v Slop

3.0 2 x
Captain HeyHo instructs Cook and Line to find out which is more useful – slime or slop. The boys are happy to get to work and set up some experiments to put both substances to the test.

Series 6: 12. Sleepy Shipmates

4.0 2 x
Cook and Line are being kept awake at night by a noisy snorer. Captain HeyHo insists it isn’t her, but later on in the cove the mystery snorer is revealed.

Series 6: 11. Line's Pirate Choir

3.0 1 x
Since he loves singing so much, Line decides to start his very own pirate choir. Luckily, Cook and Captain HeyHo are on hand to help.
September 2019

Series 6: 10. Mummy Cook and Daddy Line

4.0 4 x
Having heard about their latest shipwreck, Cook’s mum and Line’s dad come to the island to check if their boys are OK. Unfortunately, they are even more annoying than Cook and Line!

Series 6: 9. Beard

4.0 1 x
Cook and Line are obsessed with a brilliant new card game and they want to play it every minute of the day. Captain HeyHo is not amused – or maybe she just feels left out.

Series 6: 8. Green Fingered Pirates

4.0 0 x
Cook and Line give Captain HeyHo a new plant. The captain suggests that by playing calming music they could help their new plant grow.

Series 6: 7. Strong Sea Legs

3.0 1 x
The Captain gives Cook and Line step counters in order to improve their fitness and give them stronger sea legs. Later they compete to see who can clock up the most steps.
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