Series 8

Series 8, Episode 12 - Captain Captain's Cool Pirates

4.0 1 x
Captain Captain has been checking out the latest looks in her Perfectly Pirate magazine! Sandy and Seaweed aren’t dressing up to Captain Captain’s high standards.

Series 8, Episode 11 - Never Eat Soggy Waffles

4.0 2 x
Captain Captain fancies some waffles for her tea and sends the pirates to fetch some from her secret stockpile. She hands over a map and compass to Sandy and Seaweed.

Series 8, Episode 4 - Mastaarrr Chef

3.0 1 x
Captain Captain is auditioning to be on Mastarrrr Chef, a pirate cooking show. However, when practising, her hands get stuck in the supersticky sauce.

Series 8, Episode 3 - Captain Captain's Aarrrt Show

4.0 2 x
Captain Captain takes up painting and becomes convinced she is a talented artist. She decides to put on an 'aarrrt' show of her work in the cove.

Series 8, Episode 10 - Remote Control

4.0 1 x
When the pirates find an old remote control, Captain Captain realises she can use it to control her crew. But when two more remote controls are found, mayhem ensues!

Series 8, Episode 9 - Seaweed the Inventor

4.0 0 x
When Seaweed finds the diary of his great-great-great-aunt Marie, the Magnificent Pirate Inventor, he decides that he must come up with a great invention himself.

Series 8, Episode 5 - Seaweed's Scrub Rap

3.0 3 x
Captain Captain gives the pirates the not-so-exciting job of scrubbing the ship’s pots and pans, but thanks to Seaweed’s brainwave, they turn it into a world of musical fun!

Series 8, Episode 2 - Captain Gem

4.0 0 x
Fed up of being booed, Captain Captain challenges Gem to swap places so Gem can see just how hard it is to be captain.

Series 8, Episode 1 - Captain Captain - The Musical

4.5 1 x
Captain Captain has just finished writing her musical theatre masterpiece called Captain Captain - The Musical! Starring herself! She has even written small parts for the Pirates.

Series 8, Episode 26 - Gem's Magic Moments

4.0 10 x
Squawk takes us on a journey to find Gem’s top Swashbuckle moments, which are dotted along the pirate treasure map. We will discover her fun songs and her wonderful wins.