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Mrs Muchmore’s sister comes to stay with her dog Bradley, who is Bentley’s young nephew. Bradley idolizes the older dog, having heard exciting tales of Bentley battling and defeating Taffy.

Series 2
Bentley messes up his fur while chasing Taffy. However,
When a baby bird hatches on Bentley's paw, it thinks Bentley is his mama. Will the battling duo be able to put their differences aside and care for the chick?
The royal cat Princess Latifah visits the Country Club, and she looks just like Taffy! They are mistaken for each other, and Taffy finds himself signing royal papers.
When Bentley accidentally drinks Mrs Muchmore's rejuvenating spring water, he looks younger and becomes a puppy again.
Bentley and Taffy accidentally fall through the cargo door of the Muchmores' private jet, landing on a desert island - will they work together to survive?
Taffy saves a yeti, Blanche, from her pursuer, the infamous trapper Ronald. Blanche tells Taffy that if he is ever in trouble, he will just need to whistle and she will come to his rescue.
When Mish, Mash and Mush find a box full of hi-tech pet collars, they realise that they can scan other people to make the wearer look identical.
Mrs Muchmore is giving her belongings to various charity shops around town. Bentley makes sure that Taffy is going, with the donations.
Mush the Raccoon King is looking for his successor. Bentley decides to help Taffy to prove himself worthy of the title of Big Kahuna Raccoona and leave the manor forever!
Bentley cannot help himself and chases all the tennis balls he sees. Finding out that Mrs Muchmore's match is soon, Taffy sees it as an opportunity to get rid of Bentley for good.
Bentley and Mrs Muchmore enter the annual dog sledding race. They have been the reigning champions for years, but they now face stiff competition from opponents with modern sleds.
Mrs Muchmore loses her fortune in investing in a vintage pencil scam. Everyone needs to vacate the mansion and live the simple life from now on.
Taffy makes a pact with the squirrels to get Bentley out of the mansion, but when they ask for many favours in return, Taffy realises that he needs Bentley to help get rid of them!
Mrs Muchmore has her Fabergé egg stolen, and the criminal might be a raccoon. To help her catch the thief, she calls the greatest raccoon tracker - Raccoon Ronald.
A skunk sneaks into the manor. Taffy and Bentley are convinced that if the skunk sprays them, Mrs Muchmore will kick them out of the mansion forever.
Taffy hurts his head and loses his memory. While he forgets that he is pretending to be a cat, it’s the perfect time for Bentley to reveal Taffy’s true identity to Mrs Muchmore.
There is an important photo shoot for the country club’s calendar, and the pair must be dressed in green, from bow to toe!
Taffy is bored and decides to go on holiday for a few days. He asks Mush to pretend to be him with Mrs Muchmore, but Bentley is not sure if the swap makes things better or worse.
Bentley tries to find the source of his supply so that he can destroy it and finally expose Taffy.