Tattoo Fixers


Series 3: Episode 5

3.0 0 x
Sketch meets Amber, whose love of soaps has gone a step too far. Alice helps cancer survivor Linsey cover a scar that is a painful memory. Jay gives Ian a portrait that has to be seen to be believed.

Series 3: Episode 14

3.0 0 x
James needs some landscaping over his stickman. Joanne requires an inking to stop her getting spanked. Nicole wants her laddish tatt given a girly makeover. George seeks help before he gets detention.

Series 3: Episode 15

3.0 0 x
Nathan wants to banish his bad luck back tatt. Gina's randy chicken clucks off for good. Ollie's wheezy Magaluf inking is sent into orbit. Alice gives Taylia a matching tattoo in honour of her sister.

Series 3: Episode 13

4.0 0 x
Emma needs Jay's help with a warning sign to potential lovers. Sketch rescues Michael after his Taylor Swift tatt got him in trouble. Alice assists former wild child Louise with her eye-popping ink.

Series 3: Episode 12

4.0 0 x
Tony is bored with being the butt of the joke, Nathan's drunken tattoo has left him with egg on his face - and knee - while Sketch gives Jenny a permanent reminder of her best pri-mate
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