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Teenage Euthanasia

(adult swim) Brand new series - A Very Fantasy Vacation: While Tender Endings is fumigated, the family take a vacation. But Trophy's uneven eyebrows threaten to ruin everything. (S2 Ep10)

Series 2
(adult swim) Brand new series - A Waist-Down Ghost Town Shut Down: With Trophy's help, billionaire Ref Mazos opens a death fulfilment centre, putting local funeral homes at risk. (S2 Ep9)
(adult swim) Brand new series - It Happening!!! (Jellybean's Birthday): Annie is finally becoming a woman, which in the Fantasy family means she's got her teratoma. (S2 Ep8)
(adult swim) Brand new series - A League of His Own: Pete coaches an ultra-muscular fatherless little-league baseball team while Trophy tries to woo a wealthy serial widower. (S2 Ep7)
(adult swim) Brand new series - Viva La Flapanista!: Pete longs to restore his foreskin. Trophy and Annie get trapped in a dangerous fringe therapist's deadly game. (S2 Ep6)
(adult swim) Brand new series - CARS 4: Pete has to drive a former mob limousine named Vic after totalling the hearse. (S2 Ep5)
(adult swim) Brand new series - Sexually Educated: When the hologram teachers go on strike, Pete, Trophy and Baba take over. To Annie's horror, Trophy is now her sex ed teacher. (S2 Ep4)
(adult swim): Brand new series - Radio Frankenstein: Trophy tries for viral video fame with her new butt-enhancing leggings. Baba fills in for a recently deceased morning-show DJ. (S2 Ep3)
(adult swim): Brand new series - Mother's Day: Annie's high school impregnates students with practice robo-babies to deter pregnancy. Pete's Mother's Day plans land him in danger. (S2 Ep2)
(adult swim) Brand new series - Remember Fun?: Follow the owners of Tender Endings funeral home in a near-future Florida. Pete, Baba and Goat get stuck together with corpse glue. (S2 Ep1)
[adult swim] Brand new series - Dada M.I.A.: While Annie and Trophy play paternity-revealing board game 'Daddy, It's Me!' - Baba takes Pete on a father-finding journey. Series final. (Ep7)
[adult swim] Brand new series - Adventures in Beetle Sitting: Annie has to babysit Trophy's crotch beetles, and Baba gets jealous when Pete makes a new friend. (Ep6)
[adult swim] Brand new series - Suddenly Susan: To avoid Annie's birdwatching field trip, Trophy swaps souls with a corpse. (Ep5)
[adult swim] Brand new series - Nobody Beats the Baba: Baba's determined to win an embalming fluid competition. That means beating Trophy's former BFF turned nemesis: Sophie Turner. (Ep4)
[adult swim] Brand new series - The Bad Bang Theory: Trophy and Baba get arrested and compete for a pardon on the reality TV show Top Felon. Pete tries to teach Annie how to cry. (Ep3)
[adult swim] Brand new series - Teen Eggs and Scram: Animation set in near-future Florida. Annie becomes Trophy's parole officer. Pete's 'funeral plus' clients ask for a house call. (Ep2)
[adult swim] Brand new series - First Date with the Second Coming: Animation set in the near-future that follows a very unusual family who own Tender Endings funeral home in Florida. (Ep1)