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Teeny Tiny Creatures

Chantelle visits a school that has a bird box which is currently home to a family of blue tits, whilst Rory meet a young birdwatcher in her garden.

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May 2024
Chantelle visits an aquarium which is home to some rather special jellyfish, whilst Rory meets a marine expert and they head out to sea on a glass-bottomed boat.
Rory and Sandy are in the woods to look for woodpeckers, whilst Chantelle meets a bird expert. Rory and Sandy try their hand at drumming just like a woodpecker.
Chantelle is on the river with friends looking for water voles, and Rory meets an expert on them in the city. In the Teeny Tiny Task,Chantelle and the children create water vole masks.
Rory, Sandy and Zoe learn more about wasps, and Chantelle goes to the zoo to meet some of their residents. Later, Rory and Sandy make their own wasp nest out of papier-mache.
Chantelle meets some new friends at the beach and heads to the rock pools to search for prawns, whilst Rory goes to the north of Scotland to meet a local expert at the harbour.
Rory and Sandy try to spot crane flies, and Chantelle meets a bug expert in his garden. In the Teeny Tiny Task, Rory, Sandy and Zoe make their legs grow with the help of some stilts.
Chantelle and some new friends get up extra early to see if they can spot some little owls in the park, whilst Rory meets a bird expert who is tagging more baby owls.
April 2024
Rory and Sandy head to the beach to look for sea anemones, whilst Chantelle meets a sea anemone expert on a night-time rockpool safari.
Chantelle meets some schoolchildren, and they look for a devil’s coach horse beetle in their fantastic nature garden, whilst Rory heads into the woods to meet a beetle expert.
At a nature reserve with Rory, Sandy and Zoe play at being earwigs using their pincer litter pickers for the leaves, and Chantelle meets a superbug expert in a beautiful allotment.
Chantelle visits a school nature garden, where she joins the children to search for slugs, while Rory meets an expert on our superslimy friends.
In the forest, Rory and Sandy search for red squirrels and jump around the treetops just like a squirrel! Chantelle heads offshore to meet an expert and lots more amazing red squirrels.
Rory and Sandy search for puffins in Scotland and become 'more puffin' with some creative face painting, whilst Chantelle joins Aneeshwar in Yorkshire to try and spot a puffling!
Rory and Sandy are in the garden birdspotting while Chantelle is listening for birds. Find out where robins fit in the food chain and try a Teeny Tiny Task – making a bird feeder.
Rory and Sandy are looking in rockpools while Chantelle meets unusual starfish. Find out why starfish are important to the planet and try a Teeny Tiny Task – litter picking.
Rory and Sandy are in the garden looking for beetles while Chantelle is on a farm looking for some tiny recyclers. Find out how beetles recycle and try the Teeny Tiny Task.
Rory and Sandy are in disguise being moth spies while Chantelle sees one of the world’s biggest moths. Find out how moths help the planet at night and try a Teeny Tiny Task.
Rory and Sandy are searching for lizards while Chantelle discovers what they eat. Find out how lizards help the eco-system and try a Teeny Tiny Task – lizard camouflage art.
Rory and Sandy are looking for caterpillars, while Chantelle sees how they grow and change. Find out how caterpillars provide and try a Teeny Tiny Task – making a caterpillar cafe.