Ten Pound Poms

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Ten Pound Poms

Everyone at the hostel wakes to some devastating news, and Annie is compelled to fight back.

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Series 1
Terry is forced to confide in Arty and Ron over a business venture, and Annie ignores their problems by accepting an invitation from Nick.
Terry embarrasses Annie at Marlene’s party. Meanwhile, Pattie’s secret is revealed, and Kate’s hope is restored.
Annie is furious when Terry stays out all night, so she takes off with Kate on a road trip. With mum away and their dad preoccupied with his demons, Peter and Pattie run wild.
A haunted Terry retraces his steps from the night before. Meanwhile, Annie embraces a new opportunity, and Kate gets a lead on Michael's whereabouts.
The Roberts family leave dreary postwar Manchester for a new life down under. But they find that it isn't quite what they've been sold.