The Adventures Of Paddington

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The Adventures Of Paddington

Paddington leads a Treasure Hunt to find Captain Green Beard's loot.

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Series 3
Everyone is keen to win the sandcastle competition and enjoy a special ice cream prize.
The lighthouse light is broken, and on a foggy night, too...
Paddington learns that seagulls love chips and will do anything to get them.
Judy wants to find a fossil on the beach, but everyone seems to find one except her.
What's making the strange noises in the cave? Jonathan thinks it's a mermaid.
Paddington, Jonathan and Judy become trainee lifeguards and end up rescuing Mr Brown.
The Browns, off to the beach on holiday, meet a lighthouse keeper.
Paddington accepts an inventor's award for Simi when she's too shy to step up.
Paddington has a race against time in order to enjoy his first ever solar eclipse.
For World Book Day, Paddington helps Mateo dress up as his favourite character.
It's Father's Day but how will Toq let her dad know she's thinking of him up in space?
Mr Curry is sure there's a monster in the lake and Paddington tries to help him prove it.
Paddington and Simi go on a magical journey into the human body.
Paddington makes goo, but can he keep his promise to not make a mess?
Series 1
Paddington plays a game with Jonathan and Judy in the park, but Matteo can't play.
Paddington is given a metal detector by Mr Gruber.
Pigeonton has nested in a lamppost outside Mr Gruber's shop.
Paddington wins a raffle and first prize is a meal for two at Sofia's cafe.
Paddington accidentally takes a banana from the cafe without paying for it.