The Apprentice

December 2019

Series 15: 14. The Final

3.5 45 x
To convince Lord Sugar they're worthy of his cash, the last two candidates must now launch their businesses, with a little help from some of those who were fired.

Series 15: 13. Why I Fired Them

4.0 9 x
With Lord Sugar on the cusp of choosing his new business partner, we look back on the candidates who fell before the final hurdle.

Series 15: 12. Interviews

3.0 58 x
The final five candidates go head to head with Lord Sugar's advisors as they present their business plans and face the bigwigs' scrutiny.

Series 15: 11. The Final Five

3.0 37 x
The five remaining candidates are put under the microscope, revealing the real people behind the business wear.

Series 15: 10. Perfume

4.0 40 x
Lord Sugar asks the candidates to don their lab coats and goggles as he challenges them to create and sell their own perfume.
November 2019

Series 15: 9. Music Managers

3.5 31 x
Lord Sugar challenges the candidates to act as talent managers. They must audition unsigned musicians, choose which one to represent, then head to a studio to create a remix of one of their tracks.

Series 15: 8. Steam Train

4.0 39 x
The teams host a corporate away day onboard the iconic Belmond British Pullman train.

Series 15: 7. Finland Advertising

3.0 47 x
The candidates must create an advertising campaign to persuade UK tourists to visit Finland. Finland is known as a winter destination, but this campaign must entice us to visit during the summer.

Series 15: 6. Theme Park

4.0 56 x
Lord Sugar challenges the candidates to create and market a new rollercoaster.
October 2019

Series 15: 5. Oxford and Cambridge Discount Buying

3.0 55 x
Lord Sugar sends the candidates to the historic university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, where they will attempt to procure nine items that are associated with both places.
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