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The Beaker Girls

Jess and Tracy Beaker are loving their new life by the seaside, but the arrival of teenage runaway Jordan is about to change everything for the Beaker Girls.

February 2024
Tracy’s accident opens a can of worms that could stop the Beaker Girls being together. Can Jess and her friends save the day? And will the Beaker Girls get their happy ending?
When Seren quits the show, Jordan steps in to save the day and becomes a star. But is the best day of Jordan’s life about to turn into the worst? And how can Jess make it all right?
Jess leads a protest against an environmentally unfriendly café against her mum’s advice and Jordan and Asha set out to change Mrs Cook’s unrepresentative musical.
Jess’s 13th birthday doesn’t go to plan, as a series of mishaps see her celebrating on her own. However, she takes control and throws a party that changes everything!
Tracy faces an upsetting blast from the past, while Jordan’s past threatens to stop her facing her future. Can Jess help the Beaker Girls find a way forward?
Jess is shocked when Asha does something unexpected that puts Jordan at risk.
Jess and the gang discover a ring on the beach, while Tracy gets a crush. Jess must solve a riddle to save the day in a race against time.
Love is in the air as Jess develops her first crush and Flo has a date - but did the course of true love ever run smoothly?
Tyrone is faced with dilemma over his footballing future while Jordan accidentally brings up the past for Asha. Can they make the right choices with the help of their friends?
January 2024
Jess and Paysh campaign to remove a ghost net from the beach against the odds, while Asha goes all out to win Jess’s forgiveness for the cyberbullying.
Jess is targeted by a cyberbully and is devastated to realise that the culprit has to be someone close to home - but who would do this, and can Jess forgive them?
It’s going to be the best summer ever for Jess and Jordan! However, there are disasters to overcome if Jordan’s fostering is to be approved and she can become a Beaker Girl forever.
It will be a Christmas to remember for the Beakers, with some surprise reappearances in Cooksea and a special festive arrival.
As Jess struggles with Jordan’s disappearance, she also has to find space to deal with the surprise arrival of her father back in her life.
Relieved that her secret is finally out, Jess tries to adjust to life with Jordan as part of her cosy family.
Sean and Tyrone’s visit leads to an eventful picnic on the beach and a dramatic run-in with an old friend. Meanwhile, Jordan has nowhere to run when Tracy discovers the truth about her.
Jess and Tracy Beaker are loving their new life running a junk shop by the seaside, but the arrival of an ice cream thief looks set to shake things up.