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The Catch

As the truth is exposed, Ed must meet his nemesis alone. Will his sins cost him his life?

Series 1
More evidence about George emerges, and a body is washed up in the harbour.
Ed discovers that someone is spying on him and knows a dark secret from his past.
Fisherman Ed is immediately suspicious of his daughter's dashing new boyfriend.
New boys Ash and Tim join the crew on the Govenek. Ash used to be in the armed forces and has only been able to replicate the army's adrenaline and lifestyle with a life at sea.
Drew's family business once had seven boats but now just has the Van Dijck, which needs repairs and isn't bringing in the cash. Can two newbies - who are used to working on a small eeling boat - help?
Bumper hauls in north-east Scotland are attracting deckhands from England. The Ocean Dawn and the Courageous III drag a net between them to bring in bigger hauls, but it can be a dangerous technique.
The Govenek of Ladram is days behind schedule. The crew fish through the night, but how much they'll earn depends on how well skipper Phil can read the seas and reaching market before rival boats.
The Van Dijck's in trouble: with bad hauls keeping wages low, the crew are abandoning ship, while the boat's in disrepair and another storm's brewing at sea
There's war brewing at sea for skipper Phil and the crew of the Govenek as they compete with foreign boats for fish, and it doesn't look like it's going to be plain sailing
This episode follows the Our Miranda, skippered by Matt Evans, which catches fish worth £1 million in a year, and The Van Dijck, a trawler run by Andrew 'Drew' McLeod, that's seen better days
The first episode meets Phil, the skipper of the Govenek of Ladram, his crew Stan, Stevie, Sean, Bricktop and Simon, and 21-year-old rookie Louis, who faces a rough ride on a deckie training course