The Crash Detectives

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The Crash Detectives

As two young children fight for their lives after their family car is hit by a van on the M4 motorway, the team focus on finding the scene evidence to reveal the devastating truth behind this crash.

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Series 4
When a motorcyclist dies in a crash at a busy city junction, the race is on to find out how the collision unfolded. A man waiting at a bus stop has a lucky escape after a driver loses control.
An 18-year-old man has died in a head-on crash on a country road. As word of the tragedy begins to circulate on social media, a horrifying tale of recklessness is about to be exposed.
When a man is found dead on a dark mountain road, there’s no sign of a vehicle. With just fragments of debris for clues, the pressure is on to track down the driver that’s fled the scene.