The Cry

October 2018


Expired 4.0 109 x
The investigation closed, the couple return to Scotland under constant media pressure. Ultimately, Joanna discovers the truth is worse than she could ever have imagined.


Expired 3.0 107 x
A distressed Joanna and Alistair watch as the police search Elizabeth's house. Rattled by the investigation and Joanna's behaviour, Alistair tries to uncover what the police know.


Expired 4.0 83 x
The search for baby Noah leads to an arrest, but it soon becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.
September 2018


Expired 2.5 110 x
Drama series about a couple who travel from Scotland to Australia to fight for custody of the husband's daughter. Joanna is struggling with life as a new mum, and the flight to Melbourne is a huge additional strain on her. Baby son Noah cries the whole way, to the very apparent dismay of their fellow travellers. Exhausted ...
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