The Deceived

August 2020

Episode 4

2.0 655 x
The truth about Michael's wife finally breaks through the web of lies. Trapped in Ireland, Ophelia tries to escape, while the architects of this manipulation attempt to cover their tracks.

Episode 3

3.6 401 x
Ophelia has to finally face up to whether she is losing her mind, as Michael claims or, as she suspects, something sinister outside of her control is afoot.

Episode 2

2.8 416 x
On hearing that his father has been taken ill, Michael returns to Cambridge where he learns that his father has received a mysterious visitor. Suspicions increase about Michael's wife's death.

Episode 1

3.6 816 x
While studying at Cambridge, Ophelia falls for her married lecturer. When he disappears, she follows a trail to his home in Ireland, where she discovers that his wife, a famous author, has been killed in a fire.