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The Dog Academy

Ken is terrified of dogs - including his own 18-month-old cockapoo, Freddie. Can the trainers fix both man and dog and restore harmony to the family home? (Ep3)

August 2023
Unkempt toy poodle Daisy bites her owners Wendy and Dahana every time they approach her with a brush. And Yorkshire terrier Marley has a severe case of separation anxiety. (S1 Ep8)
A mile-a-minute Labrador is running rings round his owner. And not only has a Jack Russell-cross with bad toilet habits ruined his owner's home, now he's started peeing on the cat. (S1 Ep7)
A pint-sized pup keeps snapping at his owner Sean every time Sean tries having smoochy 'alone time' with his girlfriend Charlotte. And Wonder the blind dog needs help with anxiety. (S1 Ep6)
The trainers take on newfador Ruby, an imposing eight stone of solid dog who refuses to budge on walks. And Maltese bichon Marco just won't listen. (S1 Ep5)
Marvin the collie keeps lunging and nipping. Can his trainer win Marvin's trust and stop the nipping from turning into biting? And there's a diva in the house: Maggie the cockapoo. (Ep4)
Experts help some of the country's naughtiest dogs. Can they train a destructive Dalmatian that's costing its owners thousands? How do you cure a canine phobia of windscreen wipers? (Ep2)
Expert trainers take on Britain's naughtiest dogs - and their owners. Fierce cockapoo Bear is putting a marriage under stress. Angry Chihuahua Gina has to be carried around in a bag. (Ep1)