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The Dropout

October 2015. Elizabeth’s bluster falters when her firm’s labs finally get inspected. As the blame game escalates, she seeks distractions.

Series 1
Spring 2015. Journalist John Carreyrou’s probing results in his sources being put under pressure, with Tyler Schultz also getting grief from his grandfather.
October 2013. An eager new recruit to 'Theranos', Erika Cheung, is soon disillusioned. A resentful Richard tries new routes to share his suspicions about the firm.
Spring 2013. Elizabeth’s legal war against Richard Fuisz intensifies, with Ian caught in the crossfire, while Sunny battles to meet an impossible deadline.
2010. A major pharmacy chain is targeted as a potential partner, but 'Theranos' chemist Ian Gibbons has concerns, as does the specialist brought in by the boss.
Summer 2007. Fear of being undermined makes Elizabeth mislead the firm’s board and stifle staff interaction, and it puts a strain on her covert relationship with Sunny.
2006. While Elizabeth’s team labour over a blood-tester prototype, she struggles to attract funding. Encouraged to be more hard-nosed, she makes some dubious decisions.
2002. An intense Elizabeth Holmes goes to Stanford University, determined to become a billionaire. She just needs a miracle concept – even if it is a mirage.