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The Game Catchers

The Game Catchers jump right into playing land and sea with their turnip alien friends.

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Series 1
Where are the children on a mysterious planet with colourful puffs of air?
The best game to play on a planet with crocodile aliens is crush the balloon!
On a distant planet, aliens teach the Game Catchers how to play guess who.
The Game Catchers help celebrate an alien's birthday by searching for the perfect pebble.
The Game Catchers have special powers on a new planet that's grey.
The Game Catchers meet aliens that have to shrink down so that they can play together!
A journey to a new planet leads the Game Catchers to aliens who love tug of war.
Planet gardeners keep changing things around, trapping the friends in a maze!
Follow the sound of the Whistlers, Game Catchers!
The Game Catchers meet cactus aliens, who teach them to play seek and find.
Alien dinosaurs teach the Game Catchers to play who's the leader?
The Game Catchers land on a planet where alien children love to play the longest thread.
Pickpocket tag is loads of fun to play on a planet with hopping aliens!
Have some fun with the Game Catchers as they play pass the parcel with appliance aliens.
The Game Catchers snack on some delicious local fruit... that makes them glow!
The Game Catchers have to figure out some special moves to get their animal toys to pop!
A sad cloud needs cheering up, and our heroes take turns trying to chase its blues away.
The Game Catchers have fun teaming up with soap-bottle aliens to play pass the sponge.
The Game Catchers learn to play beanbag toss with aliens that like to monkey around.