The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs catch up

Series 6

Series 6, Episode 18

4.0 0 x
The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook: Beverly and Adam appear on a mother-and-son cookery show on public access TV. Barry ruins his college letter of recommendation. (S6 Ep18/23)

Series 6, Episode 17

3.0 0 x
Our Perfect Strangers: Erica, Barry and Adam are unhappy when their distant relative Gleb visits from Russia, until they realise he can make their lives easier. (S6 Ep17/23)

Series 6, Episode 16

3.0 2 x
There Can Be Only One Highlander Club: Adam and Johnny Atkins compete to become head of the Highlander Club at school, though Beverly would prefer them to bond. (S6 Ep16)

Series 6, Episode 15

3.0 2 x
My Valentine Boy: Erica and Valley Erica find a new band member to replace Lainey. Adam and Murray plot to escape from Valentine's Day dinner with Beverly. (S6 Ep15)

Series 6, Episode 14

3.0 4 x
Major League'd: Adam is terrified when he and his friends are recruited to the school baseball team. Geoff's father interferes in his relationship with Erica. (S6 Ep14)

Series 6, Episode 13

3.0 3 x
I Coulda Been a Lawyer: Beverly decides the street where the family lives needs another stop sign, and Barry realises he's neglected his college applications. (S6 Ep13)

Series 6, Episode 12

3.0 5 x
The Pina Colada Episode: Murray and Geoff try to pull Beverly, Barry and Erica out of their shared misery after Lainey's departure. Coach Nick returns to town. (S6 Ep12)

Series 6, Episode 11

3.0 2 x
The Wedding Singer: Barry and Lainey's wedding date is right around the corner and Beverly is in her element, but is the groom starting to have second thoughts? (S6 Ep11)

Series 6, Episode 10

3.0 3 x
Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer: Barry is thrilled that his engagement to Lainey enables him to celebrate Christmas at her house. Marvin makes a big promise to Adam. (S6 Ep10/23)

Series 6, Episode 9

3.0 2 x
Bachelor Party: Barry thinks he wants a wild bachelor party, but when confronted with the reality, he realises Adam's idea of a low-key event is more his speed. (S6 Ep9/23)