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The Gone

The town proudly welcomes everyone to the grand opening of the new cycle trail, but Richter and Diana are forced into a deadly confrontation as they finally learn the truth.

Series 1
The police focus moves to a former colleague of Sinead’s, and Diana and Richter are left blindsided by a devastating decision.
Has the Mountain Murderer returned, or is there a copycat killer on the loose?
Diana and Theo are forced to let their key suspect go when it’s clear they are innocent, but now they must find kidnapped journalist Aileen Ryan before it’s too late.
Diana and Theo learn that Ronan was dealing drugs and that Irish gangster Derry Fallon is already in New Zealand, but Aileen’s news reporting may have put her in his crosshairs.
Irish detective Theo Richter teams up with Māori counterpart Diana Huia as they investigate the disappearance of a young Irish couple in rural New Zealand.