The Great Model Railway Challenge

October 2019

8. Grand Final: Surprise Surprise

4.5 85 x
Four finalists have three days to create layouts that amaze.

7. Semi-Final 2: Blockbusters

3.0 53 x
The semi-finalists offer up layouts based on major movies.

6. Semi-Final 1: Myths, Monsters, Legends and Fables

4.0 53 x
Three teams face a fabulous fantasy theme to reach the final.

5. Heat 5: The Sky's the Limit

4.0 59 x
Teams fight for a place in the final with sci-fi displays.

4. Heat 4: Uncharted Territory

4.0 40 x
Three teams take a magical mystery tour through imagination.
September 2019

3. Heat 3: The Best of British

4.0 46 x
Three teams create their own meaning of the Best of British.

2. Episode 2

4.5 77 x
Three teams create best sellers based on the books of famous authors.

1. Heat 1: The Restless Earth

4.0 110 x
Three teams compete to create a deluge of natural disasters.
December 2018

6. Grand Finale

3.0 70 x
The final theme for the modellers is A Journey Through Time.

5. Waterworld

4.0 34 x
The theme for the final heat is layouts based on water.
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