The Handmaid's Tale

September 2019

Series 3 Episode 13 Mayday

Expired 4.0 229 x
June's plan for a bold strike against Gilead is in place but she must decide how far she's willing to go. Meanwhile, Serena Joy and Commander Waterford try to find a way forward in their new lives.
August 2019

Series 3 Episode 12 Sacrifice

Expired 4.0 90 x
The leadership of Gilead is rocked by losses among their own. Luke and Moira adjust to new arrivals in Canada. June worries about disruptions to her plan, only to have tragedy strike the household.

Series 3 Episode 11 Liars

Expired 3.0 77 x
June must rely on an unpredictable Commander Lawrence to execute her plan but a return to a place from her past puts everything in jeopardy. Serena Joy and Commander Waterford take a clandestine trip.

Series 3 Episode 10 Bear Witness

Expired 3.0 98 x
Ready to strike back at her oppressors, June starts to arrange an ambitious plan, but a devious ploy by Commander Waterford threatens to derail things. Hope turns to tragedy for Moira, Luke and Emily.

Series 3 Episode 9 Heroic

Expired 3.0 69 x
June is confined in a hospital and her sanity begins to fray. An encounter with Serena Joy forces June to reassess her recent actions.
July 2019

Series 3 Episode 8 Unfit

Expired 4.0 53 x
June and the rest of the Handmaids shun Ofmatthew, and both are pushed to their limits at the hands of Aunt Lydia, who reflects on her life and relationships before the rise of Gilead

Series 3 Episode 7 Under His Eye

Expired 4.0 54 x
June escalates her risky efforts to find Hannah. Emily must face her past crimes as the ongoing international diplomatic crisis becomes more complicated. Serena and Fred contemplate their future.

Series 3 Episode 6 Household

Expired 4.3 127 x
June goes to Washington DC with the Waterfords, where a powerful family offers a glimpse of the future. June makes an important connection as she tries to protect Nichole.

Series 3 Episode 5 Unknown Caller

Expired 4.0 69 x
June and Serena grapple with the revelation that Luke is caring for Nichole in Canada, leading to an incident that has far-reaching ramifications
June 2019

Series 3 Episode 4 God Bless the Child

Expired 3.7 101 x
June negotiates a truce in the Waterfords' fractured relationship. Janine oversteps the mark with the Putnam family, and a still-healing Aunt Lydia offers a brutal public punishment.