The Hotel Inspector

November 2019

7. The George Hotel, Henfield

3.0 4 x
Chris's butterfly brain exasperates both Leisha and Alex.
October 2019

6. Devon Bay Hotel, Ilfracombe

3.3 6 x
Adrian and Gill began as part-timers only three months ago.

5. Zero Neuf, Gaudies

4.2 7 x
Ex-pats Mike and Joss call Alex to the French Pyrenees.

4. Gipsy Hill Hotel, Exeter

3.0 5 x
Grace plans to retire and hand the business to her daughter.

1. Rosehill House Hotel

3.0 8 x
This 31-room converted Manor House is cluttered with tat.
June 2019

2. The House Near Bath

4.0 22 x
Can a generous hotelier pass on the price of luxury?

1. The Regency Rooms

4.0 16 x
Alex comes to the aid of some more first-time hoteliers.

3. The Lawn Guest House, Horley

4.0 15 x
Quasim is failing to entice airport trade to his guest house.

2. The Sea Croft

4.0 27 x
Alex visits the Sea Croft in Lytham St Anne's.
February 2019

5. Forest Park

3.0 6 x
A string of bad reviews has left Sean's hotel floundering.
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