The Magic Of Dance

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The Magic Of Dance

Margot Fonteyn explores the dancer's life, the rigours of ballet class, the rehearsals and preparation, and finally the moment of judgment when it's out in the limelight.

Series 1
From King Louis XIV of France's great palace at Versailles, Margot Fonteyn tells the story of Louis's own love of dancing.
Margot Fonteyn traces the story of the Romantic Ballet and its greatest exponents.
Margot Fonteyn looks at the work of some of the greatest of the pioneers, from the Commedia dell'Arte in 17th-century Italy to Martha Graham in 20th century America.
Dance has almost always moved freely across frontiers. Margot Fonteyn visits Tchaikovsky's house near Moscow and talks to Marie Rambert about Diaghilev.
Margot Fonteyn discusses the role of the male in dance. Her story is illustrated by some of the world's greatest dancers performing some of the era's most enduring dances.