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The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Opening Night: Calvin pushes Marty to move the opening day of their new business so that they can get a valuable celebrity endorsement. (S5 Ep22)

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Series 5
Welcome to the Fatherhood: When Dave's estranged dad arrives in town keen to reconnect, his son finally learns the truth about his disappearance 30 years ago. (S5 Ep21)
Welcome to the Other Neighborhood: Calvin and Marty are surprised when their new business sparks protests from residents who are concerned about gentrification. (S5 Ep20)
Welcome to the New Do: When her usual stylist isn't available, Gemma decides to use Tina's hairdresser for an important work event. (S5 Ep19)
Welcome to the Future: Calvin and Marty's new business struggles to find financing. Gemma is annoyed when Dave invites his boss to Grover's 13th birthday party. (S5 Ep18)
Welcome to the Milestone: Calvin struggles to find a birthday gift for Tina. Gemma tries to get some VIP tickets, through a connection to actor Jerry O'Connell. (S5 Ep17)
Welcome to the Jungle: When a mountain lion gets loose in the neighbourhood, the Butlers and Johnsons must shelter together, leading to unexpected revelations. (S5 Ep16)
Welcome to the Next Big Thing: Calvin and Marty consider starting a new business together. Dave sets up a small library stocked with a self-help book he wrote. (S5 Ep15)
Welcome to New Beginnings: When a new local business uses Calvin's likeness without his permission, Dave volunteers to mediate on his friend's behalf. (S5 Ep14)
Welcome to the Last Dance: The Butlers and Johnsons come together to support Marty in the aftermath of a major life change. (S5 Ep13)
Welcome to the Bachelor Party: A bombshell about Marty's future leaves Calvin and Tina reeling, and Dave unleashes his wild side at Marty's bachelor party. (S5 Ep12)
Welcome to the Cornhole: Calvin enters a competitive cornhole tournament - even though he's never played the game before. Marty asks Malcolm to be his best man. (S5 Ep11)
Welcome to the Getaway: Calvin and Tina take the honeymoon they never had, in Madrid. Dave, Gemma, Malcolm and Marty team up to surprise Calvin when he returns. (S5 Ep10)
Welcome to Our Time: Calvin weighs the pros and cons of making a major life change. Marty turns to Dave for help dealing with a troubling discovery. (S5 Ep9)
Welcome to What Used to Be the Neighborhood: When Calvin's favourite restaurant is replaced by a flashy pet spa, he starts a shop-local campaign. (S5 Ep8)
Welcome to the Working Week: When Calvin hires Grover to work part-time, he soon realises he's not a good fit. Marty and Necie reconsider their living situation. (S5 Ep7)
Welcome to the Hot Prospect: When Calvin stumbles upon a big business opportunity, he must convince Malcolm to help him to seal the deal. (S5 Ep6)
Welcome to the Art of Negotiation: When Dave is up for promotion, Calvin tries to help him negotiate a raise from his penny-pinching new boss. (S5 Ep5)
Welcome to the New Deal: When Calvin is overwhelmed by work, Dave volunteers to counsel him, while logging hours that he needs for his therapist certification. (S5 Ep4)
Welcome to the Ballgame: When Malcolm treats Calvin, Dave, Gemma and Grover to VIP tickets to a Dodgers game, the outing isn't quite a home run. (S5 Ep3)