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The Protectors

Adventure series. The Protectors go after smugglers in Malta.

Series 1
Harry is hired to protect a disturbed Vietnam war veteran.
Adventure series. The police hire the Protectors to guard the corpse of a bank robber.
The Contessa is kidnapped by a psychotic killer who puts her on trial for her life.
A woman who has run away from home earns money by passing on mysterious messages.
Harry and the Contessa are framed for the theft of some rare jewels.
The Protectors have to find a top Russian biochemist who has disappeared in London.
A gangster's daughter who Harry helped put in prison fails twice to kill Harry.
After a car crash, Harry wakes in hospital - but there is no sign of the Contessa.
Caroline's plans to avenge her friend and plans to buy a stolen icon at an auction.
The team aim to discover who is funding Nazis scattered around the world.
The team are called in to discover who is threatening a Mediterranean government.
Series 2
The father of a man on trial for murdering a policeman threatens the judge.
Harry's college friend Zeke, a pianist, is blackmailed by gangsters into setting up Harry.
An old friend who has a new lead on an insurance fraud invites Harry and the Contessa to Venice, so they can pursue the case together but he is murdered just before they arrive.
Harry is called on to protect a Russian author whom the Protectors smuggled into Britain, and who is now publishing his anti-socialist book.
The Protectors have to rescue a group of tourists who are being held hostage on top of an Austrian mountain by a man who is threatening to hurt people.
The Protectors have to rescue a group of tourists who are being held hostage on top of an Austrian mountain.
Harry masquerades as a drunk as he sets out to release a Canadian heiress from the clutches of a cult.
The Protectors are hired by a Hungarian actress wanting to bury her deceased revolutionary father in their homeland.