The Secret Life of the Zoo

May 2019

Series 4 Episode 4

4.0 0 x
The chimps have been brandishing a large stick; keeper Niall tries to get it back. Male onager Holmes chases every female in sight - including the camel next door - during mating season.

Series 4 Episode 3

4.0 0 x
Pygmy marmoset Audrey has to carry her babies everywhere. Andean bear cub Madidi embarks on an adventure into a neighbouring paddock. Plus: young elephants and baby hyraxes.

Series 4 Episode 2

3.0 0 x
Red panda Jung is losing weight and no one knows why. Mandrill Ludo gets over-friendly with his dad's girlfriend when his dad's at the vet's. Plus: tigers, and penguins.

Series 4 Episode 1

3.0 0 x
Four rare and mysterious tenrecs arrive at the zoo. Endangered eastern black rhino Kitani is due to give birth. And jewel wasp Ripley searches for a cockroach to turn into a zombie egg incubator.

Series 3 Episode 7

3.0 0 x
Mr Parsons the chameleon meets a new mate, Daphne from Paris. Young giraffe Murchison faces the great outdoors for the first time. And another baby elephant is born.

Series 3 Episode 6

4.0 1 x
Rare okapi Stomp injures K'Tusha with his horn when he tries to mate with her. Two African painted dogs compete to impress two new females. Plus: turtles and cassowaries.

Series 3 Episode 5

3.0 2 x
Tapir Jenny, who has two young offspring, falls ill. Can rhino Kifaru, who has arthritic knees, mate with younger, taller and heavier female rhino Malindi? Widowed porcupine Roxy meets a new mate.

Series 3 Episode 4

3.0 3 x
Young elephant Nandita isn't happy when her half-sister is born. Bush dog Franco has got his sister-in-law pregnant. Rhino beetle Sheldon has a damaged wing case; can he impress female beetle Alice?

Series 3 Episode 3

4.0 0 x
The arrival of a new female chimp causes upheaval at the zoo, baby otter Bo goes missing, cheetah mum Kinky Tail is on the operating table, and the meerkats steal the porcupines' food

Series 3 Episode 2

3.0 1 x
Young giraffe mum Tula gives birth, while this year's brood of penguin chicks face the ordeal of joining the main pool, where they must compete for fish with the adult penguins
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