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The Secret World Of...

Dawn French narrates this nostalgically sweet, and a little unsavoury, battle of Britain's biscuits. From copycats to high court battles, how do the industry hobnobs stay ahead of the pack?

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Series 1
Dawn French narrates this behind-the-scenes look at how Smiths, Golden Wonder and Walkers compete to out-flavour, out-sell and outwit their rivals to achieve complete crisp domination.
...Chocolate: Jo Brand unwraps the naughty and nice stories of our favourite festive choccies and their annual battle to reign supreme, from Quality Street and Roses to Ferrero Rocher.
Series 2
Jo Brand lifts the lid on Britain's love for burgers and the beef between the rivalries, from Wimpy, McDonald's and Burger King, to modern players Honest Burgers and Meat Liquor. (S2 Ep2/5)
Jo Brand unwraps the story of Britain's sarnie supremos, from the M&S pre-packaged sandwich to Pret a Manger's revolution and the mass appeal of Subway and Greggs. (S2 Ep4/5)