The Sex Lives Of College Girls

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The Sex Lives Of College Girls

An election for Leighton causes concern over future sophomore housing.

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Series 2
Whitney and Andrew attempt to recreate the spark from their trysts.
Bela volunteers to host a nerdy childhood friend for Pre-Frosh Weekend.
Kimberly asks Senator Chase to help draw attention to a college strike.
Bela seizes an opportunity to be the liaison for a late-night comedian.
The girls aim to make up for lost time when Theta's charter is restored.
Bela and her collaborators scheme to expand The Foxy's reach.
Whitney reveals that she is challenging herself with a very hard class.
Bela and Leighton try to get back on Theta's good side with fundraising.
The girls grapple with their new status as campus 'narcs'.
Series 1
Kimberly faces possible expulsion after her honour code violation.
A heartbroken Kimberly considers cheating on an exam.
An unexpected guest sends Kimberly reeling at a party held by Leighton.
Bela anxiously awaits the Catullan's final decision.
Tension rises when the girls' parents come to visit them at the college.
US comedy series. Leighton invites the Women's Centre to her brother's frat party.
Four roommates navigate their new freedom on a prestigious campus of Essex College.
Leighton is punished with community service at a women's centre.
Kimberly and Bela go to a naked party, and Leighton struggles on a date.
The first episode of the hit US comedy series about four first-year college suitemates.