The Sound Collector

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The Sound Collector

It's Autumn. Perfect for crunchy sounds, like leaping into leaves.

Series 1
The Sound Collector's morning snooze is disturbed by the sound of a car horn.
It's a foggy winter morning and Mole runs off excitedly and vanishes.
The Sound Collector leaves early one morning, so Mole heads off to find him.
The Sound Collector heads off to find a special sound, something he's never heard before.
The Sound Collector and Mole wake up to find there's an autumnal chill in the air.
Mole finds an old tape of the Sound Collector playing in a band.
The Sound Collector is off to find the perfect apple to make an apple pie.
The Sound Collector does his chores, while watching Mole play in the garden with her ball.
A dog, who lives with the Little Girl, startles Mole as she plays with her squeaky ball.
The Sound Collector is recording the call of a starling as it perches on a telephone wire.
The Sound Collector hosts a mini-festival to reveal some amazing sounds he's recorded.
The Sound Collector hears a distant roar. Could it be the lions at the Wildlife Park?
The Sound Collector hits the stream in his boat, observing nature from this vantage point.
The Sound Collector hitches a lift on the neighbour's car to explore more sounds.
The Sound Collector heads to the cliffs above the beach.
The Sound Collector is splicing together a spooky tape of noises that he loves.
The Sound Collector discovers a little envelope from the Seed Collector.
The house is a mess! Yes, it's time for a spring clean. Mole has to wait for her walkies.
Mole wakes on the couch to find that the Sound Collector has left home already.