The Traitors

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The Traitors

It’s the final day of the ultimate psychological game of trust! Will any Traitors remain undetected and take the life-changing sum of money, all for themselves?

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Series 2
It’s the penultimate day in the Traitors’ castle, and as the game nears the end, the players are all focused on who they can really trust.
With the game entering its final quarter, a secret shield leads to an explosive breakfast. The remaining Traitors are hoping they aren't caught at the Round Table.
The players race against the clock to escape from a treacherous cabin in a mission that could earn them up to £8,000. But will a Traitor’s decision change the course of the game?
After a shocking Round Table the previous evening, things get heated after breakfast as speculations rise over a possible new Traitor.
As the Traitors complete their biggest challenge yet, the castle is rocked forever by the murderous clans’ actions when another Faithful faces their death.
As the game reaches the halfway point, the Faithful wonder which of their comrades won’t be joining them for breakfast.
In the dead of the night, the Traitors plot their next move. As a new day beckons, £10,000 is at stake, with the players facing one of their toughest missions yet.
Suspicion mounts amongst the Faithful, and in the Mission, the players have quite the balancing act when they attempt to add more money to the prize pot.
The Traitors’ second murder victim is revealed at breakfast. The mission leaves the players clutching at straws to find out more about their fellow players.
The ultimate reality game of detection, backstabbing and trust suddenly becomes very real as the Faithful discover who the Traitors’ first murder victim is.
Claudia Winkleman greets 22 strangers as they arrive at a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate reality game of detection, backstabbing and trust.
Series 1
In the biggest mission yet, the finalists are given a last chance to add more money to the overall jaw-dropping prize pot. But who will be victorious?
It is the penultimate day of the game, and for the players left in the competition it is a race to the final as everyone considers their survival.
As the ultimate psychological reality show continues, and the number of players keeps on dwindling, another of the faithful does not make it to breakfast - but who has been murdered?
The previous night has left the players with more than just a hangover. With one player already regretting their actions, and relationships tested, accusations soon start to fly.
The faithful nervously wait to see who the traitors murdered overnight. After another mission to increase the prize pot, Claudia throws a huge twist into the game.
One of the faithful is keeping a huge secret from the group, but a dramatic confession at the round table changes the game.
The players focus on building the prize pot in a mission that sees them sink to new depths of despair. But that’s the least of their worries, with an explosive round table on the horizon.
With the traitors set to murder again, the faithful are even more determined to catch a traitor in the act.