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The cast air their grievances regarding murders, banishments and treachery during their time at the castle in a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen.

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Series 2
With just a few barriers to reach the end, will the Faithful or a Traitor win all the money? The toughest mission yet takes in land, air and sea.
The prize pot is finally in sight for all the players, and as another is banished, only six remain. The Faithful seem to be closing in as doubt about one Traitor spreads.
With only a few more days for the Traitors to remain undetected and win the game, a Faithful and a Traitor go head-to-head - but only one will survive.
As the Faithful's numbers continue to decrease, the Traitors find their backs against the wall, and there's a special guest in a beastly mission.
Death is still on the cards as the Traitors discover if their attempt at seduction has been successful. The Faithful are gunning for another Traitor, but the plans may not pay off.
The Traitors have so far avoided detection, but the Faithful finally have a chance to strike back. Meanwhile, the treacherous trio start to turn on each other.
There’s a new arrival at Alan’s castle in the Scottish Highlands, the Faithful have a cunning plan to fight back against the Traitors, and one of the Traitors is in the hot seat.
Murder most foul continues, but this time the Traitors must kill in plain sight. A deadly mission sees a player take their last breath in the game.
The Traitors are set a daunting task for their next murder, and a dark and haunting mission sees the players keep working on the prize pot.
Treachery continues in the Scottish Highlands as the Traitors attempt to complete their line-up, and they commit their first murder.
The ultimate game of deception is back as an all star-cast descends on the Scottish Highlands. The Traitors are chosen, but there’s a twist.