The Travelling Auctioneers

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The Travelling Auctioneers

After five years of grieving, Nicola is finally ready to sell her late mum’s belongings, including a painting that could be a lost masterpiece and an album with rare stamps.

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Series 2
After 42 years working abroad, a former government diplomat has exotic treasures to sell. However, will a postcard collection, medals and a family mystery hold value at auction?
A couple need to clear clutter to fund a honeymoon, but will it be Bognor or the Bahamas? Expect a game of antiques bingo, a drumming bear and an Italian woman hiding in a bedroom.
A downsizing widow must part with an incredible collection of art and antiques. Can Izzie rehome two bulls? And will JJ find a way of stopping servants from stealing the booze?
A couple’s retirement is on hold, their home rammed full of inherited heirlooms. A brooch with a secret code may help them escape in their campervan. But what lurks in the garage?
A Merseyside widow wants to sell her late husband’s collectibles to pay for a much-deserved holiday. A storm hits mid-restoration – will the auction be called off?
Widow Suzette needs to sell items collected over her 30-year marriage to help fund urgent home repairs. Will a posh watch and a flapper dress raise enough money to repair the roof?
A Venetian painting and a Glaswegian engineering marvel are found, then fixed in Surrey. Will the sale of a Great War soldier’s medals make enough cash to send a family on a dream holiday?
Louise has inherited her parents’ huge collection of antiques, including paintings, Chinese vases and jewellery. Can enough cash be made to send her children to university?
A clown needs to sell his huge collection of circus memorabilia to raise cash for a worthy cause and to help support his wife. Expect dinosaurs, retro tech and Hugh Jackman.
Three sisters need to sell the family home to fund mum’s care fees, but the scale of their late father’s hidden collection surprises everyone. One piece could be worth a small fortune.
A collector needs to clear his home and hopes to cash in at a canal-side auction. However, his car boot finds may be fakes, and will anyone dig deep for his diggers and dump trucks?
A keen collector of cocktail shakers causes a stir for Christina Trevanion. Moscow mules and Russian dolls join an ageing American rocker on the way to auction for a deserving cause.
An 80-year-old wants to sell her collection of curios to raise cash for a worthy cause. Items connected to Churchill, the Girl Guides and a Ugandan village go under the gavel.
Two sisters face an emotional task clearing their parents’ former home of heirlooms. Granny’s old gold chain and a filthy Dutchman hidden in the shed surprise everyone at auction.
Janine inherited two shipping containers filled by her antique collecting dad. What treasures hide within? Christina finds a gold watch and a silver owl to put under her gavel.
An inherited coin collection potentially worth a fortune, and the discovery of a huge diamond. But will this treasure trove raise enough at auction to fund a major garden makeover?
Two widows sell their possessions to fund a holiday of a lifetime. Can Izzie and Robin turn gold into cherry blossom? Expect teacup surprises, a hidden Geisha and a wedding dress.
When a 90-year-old RAF veteran sells his antiques to fund nursing care, everyone hopes for an auction day miracle. But a life-size Jesus statue raises eyebrows and a lot of money.
A retiring farmer must empty a whole farm of heirlooms, auctioneer Christina’s socks are blown off by a rare machine, and restorer JJ Chalmers rings the bell with a wartime find.