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The World at War

The hugely respected chronology of WWII. Churchill described Italy as the 'soft underbelly of the crocodile', thinking the Allies could cut through it to reach Germany.

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Series 1
The ultimate guide to World War II, narrated by Laurence Olivier. Bomber Command are unable to hit their targets precisely and attack German cities under cover of darkness.
Following Operation Barbarossa in 1941, the Soviet Army battled the Germans almost alone for two years. Laurence Olivier recounts their efforts as the epic series continues.
The definitive guide to World War II, narrated by the late, great Laurence Olivier. Hear how German U-boats caused havoc among Allied merchant shipping in the Atlantic.
An epic timeline of WWII, as told by Laurence Olivier. After Hitler's initial territorial gains in Russia, his relentless advance was decisively stopped at Stalingrad.
Laurence Olivier narrates this exhaustive account of World War II. In the deserts of North Africa, the 8th Army battles against Rommel's Afrika Korps.
Recalling America's entry into World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the great Laurence Olivier sheds more light on the deadliest conflict in history.
December 7, 1941 saw the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Laurence Olivier revisits this pivotal moment of World War II in the much-praised documentary series.
A milestone in TV history: Laurence Olivier tells the story of WWII. Hitler turns his tanks towards Russia. After a succession of victories, the Germans delay fatally.
After Dunkirk, Britain faced an onslaught. Although the RAF won the Battle of Britain, our cities were blitzed. Laurence Olivier tells us more in the landmark series on WWII.
Laurence Olivier narrates the iconic, 26-part documentary series about World War II. As peace descends in 1945, the series ends with a sombre reminder of the human cost.
Discover how the superpowers established a new political order at the end of World War II. Laurence Olivier's narration and interviews with statesmen paint a vivid picture.
The critically acclaimed documentary series all about World War II. Hear about the Allied scientists' controversial efforts to develop a new, immensely powerful weapon.
World War II in revealing detail, narrated by the great actor Laurence Olivier. Hear how the Americans fought their way across the Pacific towards Japan and the Philippines.
Laurence Olivier narrates this epic, 26-part WWII retrospective. Hear how French military leaders made the disastrous mistake of preparing for a war similar to WWI.
Improve your knowledge of WWII with this acclaimed series narrated by Laurence Olivier. As the Nazi war machine sweeps across Europe, an uneasy calm settles on Britain.
Legendary actor Laurence Olivier narrates the definitive series on World War II. Hear why Germany, stricken by defeat in WWI, looked to Adolf Hitler for hope.
Japan's involvement in World War II is the focus of this watershed in documentary-making. Narrated by the great Laurence Olivier, incredible interviews also help set the scene.
The final death throes of the Third Reich described by Laurence Olivier. Hitler retreats to his bunker as Germany crumbles around him and Allied troops arrive in Berlin.
Laurence Olivier provides the narration to this World War II retrospective. Hear how 1944 saw the steady disintegration of the German war machine, as the Allies advanced.