The World at War

December 2017


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How did Heinrich Himmler plan to realise Hitler's vision of a pure Aryan Germany? Actor Laurence Olivier explains as he narrates the acclaimed documentary series about WWII.


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Laurence Olivier provides the narration to this World War II retrospective. Hear how 1944 saw the steady disintegration of the German war machine, as the Allies advanced.


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Hear how the Netherlands lived under Nazi rule for four years and how its people decided where their loyalties lay. Narrated by the the late, great Laurence Olivier.


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England became a supply dump as the British and Americans assembled the largest invasion fleet in history for Operation Overlord on 6 June 1944. Laurence Olivier tells all.

Inside the Reich

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Laurence Olivier narrates this 26-part series, a milestone in TV history. Germany's progress loses momentum as the tide of the war turns in favour of the Allies.

Home Fires

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World War II as told by the late Laurence Olivier. Hear more about life on the British Home Front, a time of gas masks, digging for victory and evacuation.

It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow

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Laurence Olivier narrates the acclaimed documentary series on WWII. Hear how Japanese advances across Asia forced the Allies into ignominious retreat.

Tough Old Gut

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The hugely respected chronology of WWII. Churchill described Italy as the 'soft underbelly of the crocodile', thinking the Allies could cut through it to reach Germany.


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The ultimate guide to World War II, narrated by Laurence Olivier. Bomber Command are unable to hit their targets precisely and attack German cities under cover of darkness.

Red Star

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Following Operation Barbarossa in 1941, the Soviet Army battled the Germans almost alone for two years. Laurence Olivier recounts their efforts as the epic series continues.
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