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Theo begins training to become a true ankh mage with the Sisterhood of the Chosen Keepers.

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Series 2
Spotting a museum thief, Theo finds herself dangerously out of her depth.
Maya, Henry and Alistair must get past the Sisterhood and an ultra-tricky time loop.
Darius needs Theo to activate the time machine and has the perfect bait for a trap.
After losing vital time machine artefacts, Theo is sent home by the Sisterhood.
Theo is on a mission to an ice-bound desert tomb when familiar faces surprisingly turn up.
A teenage girl stumbles upon a mysterious artefact that gives her the power to see magic.
Series 2
As Darius tries to build a time machine, a terrible time fog is unleashed across London.
Theo heads out to Egypt to stop a powerful artefact from falling into the wrong hands.
Facing judgement by an ancient god, Theo guides the Eternal Flame to the Oasis.
Theo and Darius travel through the Underworld and must face its dangerous guardians.
The Eternal Flame moves through the school fête, playing mind games and sowing confusion.
Theo plans to unmask the Eternal Flame once and for all at the school fête.
Jealous of Darius’s adventures with Theo in Egypt, Will performs a death-defying trick.
On her hunt for the Oasis of Magic, Theo faces a perilous journey into a sunken temple.
Henry throws a secret party at the museum, and people start mysteriously disappearing.
When Theo’s magic goes into overdrive at school, she ends up accidentally hurting Darius.
Maya’s attempt to publish the story of her trip to Egypt is thwarted by strange figures.
Theo and Maya are carried off to Egypt by the magic of Rameses II’s barge.
Rameses II’s barge unleashes a magical plague on Theo’s beloved museum.