Things You Should Have Done

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Things You Should Have Done

Chi looks to start a new life with Michelle in Spain, finally accepting (kind of) that she’s a burden to her auntie Karen.

Series 1
Chi organises a family camping holiday to help Karen relax, since she was 'diagnosed uptight' and told she’s unlikely to get pregnant if she doesn’t lower her blood pressure.
Shock horror when Chi discovers bills are a thing, and her electricity and water get cancelled. As a result, she decides she's just going to live at auntie Karen's.
Pancake day is a highly sentimental time for Chi. Dave confides in Lucas about his health scare. They vow to make the most of every moment, and that begins with pancake day.
After two hours of work and a delivery to a retirement home, Chi falls in love with the concept of never working again.
Dependent pest and 'stay-at-home-daughter' Chi is suddenly forced to fend for herself when her parents die in a car crash. She’s left a list of 'Things You Should Have Done.'