This Farming Life

September 2020

Series 4, Episode 6

4.0 10 x
Helen and Graham’s herd undergo blood tests, and Grey is introduced to sheep for the first time. Matt deals with an unexpected arrival, while Isla and George put their plans on hold.

Series 4: Episode 5

4.0 11 x
Disaster strikes for Helen and Graham. Emma and Ewan receive bad news. Frank and Georgia introduce pygmy goat Pluto to the ladies, and Joyce heads to Edinburgh.

Series 4: Episode 4

3.0 7 x
Ewan trains JohnJo the bull. Isla and George fight to save a poorly deer calf. Matt and Dani reach an important milestone, and Joyce tries to get the best price for her calves.

Series 4: Episode 3

3.0 7 x
The stags are roaring on Isla and George’s farm, and Matt and Murray shop for a new tup. Joyce rescues her ewes, and Helen and Graham fear the worst for their poorly piglet.
August 2020

Series 4: Episode 2

4.0 8 x
Frank and Georgia compete at the Westmoreland County show. Matt deals with an escapee, and Emma and Ewan find out if their pedigree bull is firing on all cylinders.

Series 4: Episode 1

3.0 26 x
A young farming couple take on a huge gamble, new entrant farmers hatch baby ostriches, and a seasoned shepherdess competes in the English National Sheepdog trials.
September 2019

Series 3: Episode 12

3.0 85 x
Lynn and Sandra start an egg club. The Rodgers host a barbecue for the Young Farmers Club. Raymond and Johnny wean this year’s lambs, and Kirsty and Aimee bring in the barley.
August 2019

Series 3: Episode 11

3.0 31 x
Raymond and Jen take a busman’s holiday to Switzerland. The McLeans host the Holstein Society and bad news forces Stevie to make a shocking decision.

Series 3: Episode 10

4.3 21 x
Raymond and a team of volunteers give the valais blacknose sheep a bath. Kirsty and Tom rescue fallen sheep on the isle. Stevie attempts to milk his first buffalo.

Series 3: Episode 9

4.5 27 x
Lynn and Sandra harvest their first honey. The Rodgers give bull Mario a send-off. Raymond’s flock is under threat from flystrike, and 50 of Stevie’s buffalo escape.
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