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This Farming Life

The Barclay boys hope to win the coveted Young Handler trophy at the Royal Highland Show. Rachel and Camy put their hopes in lamb patch. Nikki and Ollie open their doors to the public.

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Series 6
Jenni’s alpacas get their annual short back and sides, the MacDonald’s cattle make an epic journey across a tidal sandbar, while Nikki and Ollie down tools for Gala Day.
Robert calls out the vet for a sick ewe. Nikki and Ollie taste their rabbit meat at a local restaurant. The Barclays prepare their best sheep for show season.
Carianne searches for the missing mother of a newborn calf. Rachel and Camy are on the hills tending to their Cheviots. John and Heather help to deliver their Beltex lambs.
Jenni moves her alpacas to their new arena. The MacDonalds organise a massive breakfast run for their pregnant cows. Nikki and Ollie invest in a new honesty shack.
Rachel and Camy prepare to welcome the Park Cheviot lambs. Nikki and Ollie’s rabbit-breeding programme bears fruit. Robert heads to market to sell previous year’s calves.
Carianne takes a bull to the Oban Highland Show. The Barclays are up all hours as they start lambing. Rachel and Camy gather in their ewes for an important pregnancy scan.
A deep freeze scuppers plans for the Barclays in South Ayrshire. Nikki and Ollie sell their produce at a Christmas farmers’ market. Robert gets to work on the new alpaca arena.
Fraser and Carianne head to the mainland to buy new tups. The Barclay family prepare their sheep for the Lanark Winter Show, while Nikki and Ollie try their hand at farming rabbits.
In North Uist, the Highland cattle are moved to a tidal island, and pregnancy is scanned. It’s showtime for Camy and Rachel, and in the Cairngorms, Jenni expands her animal menagerie.
The Barclays are finding their feet with the new Fat Lamb business. Rachel and Camy head to Lairg to buy more ewes. Nikki and Ollie find out if their favourite buffalo is pregnant.
Robert finds out how many of his cattle are pregnant in the Cairngorms, the MacDonalds test out their potato harvester in North Uist, and Nikki and Ollie’s cow goes into labour.