Those Who Kill


Episode 6

3.0 52 x
After handing in his resignation, a violent case from Schaeffer's past crops up when the grim details of a horrific traffic accident are re-enacted as real killings.

Episode 5: Deadly Game

3.0 50 x
When a body is discovered, seconds before it disappears into the flames of a municipal incinerator, Jensen and Schaeffer realise they are dealing with a psychopath.

Episode 4: An Eye for an Eye

3.0 48 x
When the badly beaten body of a man is found, police connect the murder to a war between drug gangs but Schaeffer suspects that something more is involved.

Episode 3: Bad Blood

3.0 68 x
When a 17-year-old inmate is raped and killed in prison, Jensen and Schaeffer struggle to track down the perpetrator in a place where violence and revenge are rife.

Episode 2: Utopia

3.0 71 x
Jensen and Schaeffer embark on a race against time to track down a murderer and free the family he has kidnapped before the killer's private utopia disintegrates.

Episode 1: The Corpse in the Wood

3.0 178 x
Danish crime drama. When the skeletons of four young women are found, DCI Katrine Ries Jensen and Thomas Schaeffer join the hunt for a serial killer.