Time Team

May 2018

A Copper Bottomed Dig

3.0 1 x
Discover the history that lurks beneath the soil. The team revisit a once-great industry as they excavate White Rock, one of the first copper works in Swansea.

Chapel of Secrets

3.0 1 x
The team think human bone fragments found in a Northumberland village may date from the 7th century, but the grisly discovery of tiny skeletons adds to the mystery.

The First King of Racing

3.0 1 x
Join Tony Robinson's team as they horse around in Newmarket in search of Charles II's lost racing stables - said to be the first of their kind in the world.

The Drowned Town

3.0 3 x
Before Dunwich is lost to sea erosion, the team are eager to learn about the village's Anglo-Saxon origins and locate a medieval hospital. See what they unearth.

A Village Affair

3.0 1 x
Tony Robinson and co team up with the locals in the village of Bitterley as they exhume the parish's rich past. More hands-on history in the adored archaeology show.

Dig by Wire

3.0 2 x
Tony Robinson and co dig up a windswept island off Wales, which may have once been a religious hub. But was it Romans, Vikings, Celts or Druids that lived here? Find out.
April 2018

Commanding Heights: Dinmore, Herefordshire

3.0 0 x
Join another exciting dig. A remote hill in Herefordshire turns out to be a huge prehistoric site, which may have housed an Iron Age fort.

There's a Villa Here Somewhere: Litlington, Cambri

3.0 1 x
See what's unearthed as Tony Robinson and chums hunt for one of Britain's biggest Roman villas in a Cambridgeshire village.

Priory Engagement, Burford, Oxfordshire

3.0 0 x
See what's found as the Team unearth the site of a medieval hospital in the grounds of Burford Priory, where a Saxon community once lived.

Governor's Green, Portsmouth

3.0 0 x
History comes to life in this hit show. Tony and the Team unearth Portsmouth's medieval past by excavating the site of a hospital that was built in 1212.