Time Team

February 2018

Henham's Lost Mansions

3.0 4 x
Tony Robinson's archaeological team piece together the puzzling history of a Tudor country home in Suffolk. After a three-day dig, a huge surprise is revealed.

An Englishman's Castle

3.0 3 x
Tony Robinson's skilled crew look for clues as to the medieval origins of Upton Castle in Pembrokeshire. The hit series that quite literally unearths our past.

The Lost Castle of Dundrum

3.0 2 x
Digging the dirt on our nation's past. Tony Robinson and co search for the remains of renegade knight John de Courcy's castle in picturesque County Down.

(1) The Forgotten Gunners of WWI

3.0 0 x
The team dig up Belton House near Grantham in a bid to locate the barracks and roads used by the Machine Gun Corps in WWI. Engrossing hands-on history.

Horseshoe Hall

3.0 0 x
See what lies beneath Oakham Castle, one of Britain's best preserved 12th-century buildings. It's the unusual bumps and lumps in its grounds that interest the team.

Wolsey's Lost Palace

3.0 2 x
Tony Robinson and chums rake over old ground. The team marvel at the remains of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey's opulent palace in Hertfordshire, the Manor of the More.

Mystery of the Thames-Side Villa

3.0 1 x
Tony Robinson leads us on another enlightening dig. The team get to work on a strange Roman building that has been unearthed in an Oxfordshire field.


3.0 0 x
The team explore a spectacular site in Norfolk, which is believed to have been a Roman fort. Tony Robinson and chums sweep away the soil to reveal the secrets of our past.
January 2018

There's a Villa Here Somewhere: Litlington, Cambri

3.0 0 x
See what's unearthed as Tony Robinson and chums hunt for one of Britain's biggest Roman villas in a Cambridgeshire village.

Governor's Green, Portsmouth

3.0 0 x
History comes to life in this hit show. Tony and the Team unearth Portsmouth's medieval past by excavating the site of a hospital that was built in 1212.