Timmy Time

March 2022

It's Timmy Time: 77. Timmy Makes Music

4.0 5 x
Today at the nursery, everyone is making music, but Timmy can't decide which instrument to play. Harriet sees his dilemma and together they come up with a plan for a very unusual performance.

It's Timmy Time: 78. Timmy's Snowball

3.0 10 x
Timmy makes a snowball, which he loves and refuses to be separated from. But when Osbourne tells him he can't bring it inside, Timmy decides to sneak it in anyway.
December 2021

It's Timmy Time: 75. Timmy on Safari

3.0 4 x
Timmy dreams of being an explorer who photographs wild animals, but he can't find any exciting ones around the nursery to be snapped. Luckily, his friends find a way to cheer him up.
October 2020

It's Timmy Time: 76. Timmy's Castle

3.0 30 x
Timmy and his friends have made a castle, so Timmy and Finlay ride around dressed as knights, protecting King Otus and Princess Mittens. But then Timmy's friends hear what sounds like a real dragon...
December 2021

It's Timmy Time: 73. Timmy's Monster

3.0 3 x
Timmy discovers some large, strange footprints in the snow! He and his friends set off across the playground to hunt for the mysterious creature...

It's Timmy Time: 74. Timmy's Cookie

4.0 16 x
Harriet shows the class how to make cookies – and Timmy's cookie is bigger than all the others put together! He decorates it to look like a football, but then discovers that it's too big to eat.

It's Timmy Time: 71. Timmy's Plane

4.0 6 x
Timmy is amazed by Finlay's paper plane, but all his attempts to make one just don't work as well. When Finlay's plane gets stuck in a tree, however, Timmy has a great idea to get it down.

It's Timmy Time: 72. Timmy Makes a Splash

4.0 4 x
Stripey accidentally pulls the stopper out of the paddling pool, letting all the air out. Timmy and Yabba try to turn the tin bath into a pool, but things soon get out of hand.

It's Timmy Time: 69. Timmy Finds Treasure

3.0 4 x
When he and his friends play pirates, Timmy leads them on a treasure hunt. But there's a big surprise in store when they find the X marking the spot...

It's Timmy Time: 70. Timmy's Truck

3.0 8 x
Timmy accidentally breaks Otus's remote-controlled truck on his obstacle course. With Harriet's help, will he be able to make a new one that matches up to the original?