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Tokyo Vice

Jake and Katagiri are closing in on Tozawa, but they will need to draw on help from several seemingly unlikely sources. Meanwhile, Samantha needs to turn her own situation to her advantage.

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Series 2
As Jake and Katagiri get ever closer to the truth behind Tozawa's activity, the danger to them and veryone they love ramps up. Meanwhile Sato considers his own future and his duty to Chihara-kai.
Katagiri has lost the best lead he had and begins to suspect the police has a traitor in its ranks. Desperate for money with the club still shut, Samantha is beginning to lose control.
Jake heads home to Missouri for a long-overdue family reunion, but with so much going on in the hunt for Tozawa, he finds it hard to leave work behind.
Samantha deals with the devastating aftermath of the shootout, but her information helps both Jake and the police get closer to Tozawa.
Jake is determined to find out where Tozawa has been all this time. Samantha needs to appease Masa after being discovered while still giving Ishida something he wants.
The return of Tozawa sends shockwaves through Tokyo. Jake begins digging again, Katagiri's task force gains momentum, and Ishida sends Sato and Hayama on a mission to the north.
Now Nagata has arrived and started up the task force, Katagiri is back taking down yakuza gangs, but this time using Nagata's uncompromising approach instead of Katagiri's diplomacy.
After his plan to nail Tozawa backfired, Katagiri has been moved humiliatingly off the Yakuza beat, as has Jake, who is now investigating a spate of motorcycle thefts in Tokyo.
Tozawa has escaped justice, and Polina has still not been found. Jake and Katagiri have received a videotape with damning evidence about what happened.