Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

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Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

Tony Robinson looks under the bonnet of innovative machines leading the green revolution, from a Welsh hydrogen-powered car to a solar training plane.

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Series 1
Tony Robinson goes on safari to find majestic machines that are inspired by the animal kingdom and gets hands-on with a life-saving mechanical octopus.
Tony Robinson explores machines that help us mere mortals become superhuman, from a tree-chopping-device to a jet-powered suit that could be worn by flying paramedics.
Tony leaps ahead to explore artificial intelligence, from a humanoid robot that answers back to the little workhorses that make next-day delivery possible.
Tony Robinson meets mighty machines that do heavy lifting, from a vehicle that snatches superyachts out of the water to a bridge-building mechanical monster.
Tony Robinson uncovers machines that are unsung heroes, from a vehicle that makes airport runways safe for landing to atomic clocks keeping humankind on time.