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Sarah works with McKinven to prevent another explosion, before making decisions about their future. Kathy realises change is essential, personally and professionally.

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Series 2
Another deadly explosion. Sarah and McKinven’s growing attachment has fraught consequences, and Kathy suspects Jean of having a secret to hide.
Two suspects derail the investigation as McKinven and Sarah are both consumed by their feelings. Kathy’s inability to communicate becomes a serious problem.
The task facing McKinven is ever more daunting, especially now his wife Azra is joining the investigation. Meanwhile, Kathy’s PhD student sees more than she should.
A second attack puts pressure on McKinven and Sarah to find and stop the bomber. As the trial draws its conclusion, Emma and Daniel have to decide on their future.
Emma and Daniel are preparing for the murder trial of his father, and McKinven and Sarah are back together. Then, a church hall is bombed, rocking Dundee.